What does Sunday look like?

Celebrate God’s Goodness

Our worship services are celebrations! God has been so good to us, we just want to praise Him in song and scripture, through our preaching, through the arts, through our gifts, and with all our might. You’ll find the atmosphere uplifting, informal and inviting. Come join us!

Celebrate Music

Our music is lively and upbeat. We clap, we sing, some of us even raise our hands.  Our worship team, which is comprised of a worship leader and live band, has a sound that is contemporary with an “urban” flair. Our songs and media are all part of a worship experience that is designed to draw you closer to God!

Celebrate God’s Word

The preaching and teaching at Eagles Nest is simple enough to understand, yet powerful enough to change lives.  Whether you are new to the church scene, have church experience, or are a Bible scholar, you will be enlightened, engaged and challenged by the Word of God at Eagles Nest.

 Celebrate Generosity

We believe that when we give our time, talents and treasures to the Lord, it is worship!  Therefore, we celebrate generosity! We don’t get uptight about money because we understand that God owns it all (Psalm 24:1) and we are merely managers of His resources.  Money is just one of the tools God has given us to help further His Kingdom.

Celebrate New Life

At Eagles Nest we boldly invite people to be followers of Christ. After hearing the Word, some commit their lives to Christ for the first time. Others re-dedicate their lives. Many decide to make Eagles Nest their church home, and some are simply challenged in the way they think or live. Our job is to help encourage, equip and empower you in your new life in Christ!

Celebrate Each Other

Our charge in life is to love one another. Every Sunday, we take time during our service, in what we call Eagle Mingle, to meet and greet visitors and members with a warm hello, a hug and a smile. It’s our chance to extend the love of Christ to all who come and worship with us.