The Eagles Nest Church Worship Team has been commissioned to edify and build up the body of Christ by creating an atmosphere for the anointing of God to flow. Our goal is to lead our congregation into a passionate, exhilarating, and intimate time of praise and worship every time we come together. We want ENC to be a place where people can experience a divine encounter with the Lord as our hearts are prepared to receive the teaching of the Word of God.


“Worship is a divine privilege, and with that privilege comes a great responsibility to show generosity to others in the body of Christ through all we do… We all need to learn to be excellent, extravagant worshipers, generous in our service to one another and generous in our expression of love toward one another.” Darlene Zschech, Hillsong

WORSHIP is one of the Six Vital Experiences that will determine how Eagle’s Nest will grow as a church corporately and how we grow individually.

We are all called to worship. Worship is a vital part of the believer’s life. When we truly understand the divine privilege we have to worship and celebrate the Glory of God…our lives will never be the same.

The goal of the music ministry of Eagles Nest Church is to build a strong TEAM of people, who are TALENTED, EXCELLENT, ANOINTED, AND MINISTRY-MINDED who are called to encourage and to lead the church in worship. It is our objective that our not only our worship but also our attitude be excellent, enthusiastic, and contagious.

What Worship Leading is:

  • Worship leading is both worshiping God and drawing others into worship.
  • The role of a worship leader must be someone who has a lifestyle of worship, not just a Sunday morning thing! Before someone can lead, he must already be an expressive worshipper of God and have intimate relationship with Him.   It is vitally important to have times of personal worship outside of Sundays.
  • He /She must also know how to follow.  And we cannot lead where we are not first willing to go for ourselves. You must also have a heart to learn and be a team player.

What Worship Leading is not:

  • Worship is not for your entertainment or others… it is a service of the heart to honor and magnify our God
  • Worship leading is not simply leading songs, choruses, or a song service.
  • Worship leading is not playing songs while others watch. This is not a performance!
  • Worship leading is not playing music while others worship. We must be skilled enough on our instrument or with our voice and know the songs well enough to be able to enter into worship ourselves. Again, we can’t lead where we’re not willing to go ourselves!

Committed member of Eagle’s Nest Church… “Music ministry is not the right of the talented, but the privilege extended to the committed” (Terry Kinard). You must be committed to Eagle’s Nest Church and submitted to the pastors here. This also means that you must attend services whenever possible, NOT ONLY when you are singing or playing on the team. You are also strongly encouraged to be a part of a Life group.

MaturityIt is important to be at a level of maturity where you can accept coaching and critique from our leadership and not take it personally. Maturity also includes being responsible enough to arrive on time, spend time throughout the week preparing, and viewing this as what it is: a leadership role. (The worship team is open to those 18 years old and above, except at the discretion of the Worship Director.)

Spiritual maturityThis is a leadership ministry. We are all seen as leaders and must live our lives as such, at church and away from church, on and off the stage.

Musical expertise… We must be skilled enough to follow a service that is led by the Spirit of God. We don’t want to limit what God will do simply because we can’t handle it musically. “Rejoice in the LORD, O you righteous! For praise from the upright is beautiful. Praise the LORD with the harp; Make melody to Him with an instrument of ten strings. Sing to Him a new song; Play skillfully with a shout of joy. 1 Chronicles 15:16 NLT

Time commitment Rehearsal is on Thursday Evening at 7:30 to 9:30 pm, and Sunday at 8:00 am. Rehearsal and pre-service preparation is mandatory. This can also include special services and events.

Support of familyIt is important that the individual’s immediate family members are willing to accept the necessary time commitment and be a support to the individual that is a part of the team.

Leading by exampleWorship leading is done by example. Your stage presence is very important… (Are you entering into worship yourself? Do you look like you’re enjoying worship and engaging with God?), as well as off. It is our obligation as worship leaders to get beyond our own self-consciousness, insecurities, and whatever may be hindering us from worshiping. We must worship… body, soul, mind and spirit!

Ability to flow with a teamThis is not a solo event, but a team sport!  Just because you are proficient with your instrument or voice does not mean you are a top candidate for the worship team. Worshiping and blending with others is a major consideration.

Ability to flow with the pastor and the pastor’s vision for the church Worship is a part of carrying out the vision of the church: “Helping seekers become spirit empowered servants of Christ.” The worship leading team has the support of the pastor and the pastor must have the support of the team. Unity is key in a worship service. The pastor and team work together to carry out the full vision the Lord.

Auditions will be held twice a year Spring (March) and Fall (September), you must sign up on-line if you are interested in being a part of the worship team. First, we will interview and then listen to your voice or your musical ability, to see the strength of your ability. These are the things that we are looking for looking for in the audition: musical and/or vocal ability, stage presence, leadership qualities and your spiritual maturity level.

Here are the steps to being a part of the team:

  1. Showing interest and signing up to be a part of the team…letting Antonia know
  2. Complete pre-interview questions and auditions
  3. Meeting and interviewing with Pastor Lee, Antonia, and Jody
  4. Come to at least three rehearsals to see your overall fit in on the team and your comfort level
  5. Joining Sunday morning team
  6. One and one follow-up and reevaluation after 2 or 3 months of your being a part of the Sunday morning worship.


Please pray about your involvement on the worship team and realize that it is a commitment and that your faithfulness is so important to your personal development and the development of the team.

You will be asked to sing a portion of a song for a minute or two

Please select 2 songs and familiarize yourself with the words of the song. Here are some song examples:

  1. Amazing Grace
  2. Lord I Lift Your Name on High
  3. Here I am to Worship
  4. Halle-Halle-Hallelujah (The Lord is High…)

VOCAL AUDITIONS – what are we listening for?:

  1. Can you hear your note and stay on pitch?
  2. Overall confidence
  3. Can you sing a harmony part and stick with it?
  4. Your vocal range
  5. Your vocal strengths and weaknesses
  6. Display good timing and rhythm
  7. How quickly do you learn a song?
  8. Tone, strength and blend ability of your voice?

We are not looking for perfection but MOST IMPORTANTLY we are looking for people with ability, potential, experience being on a team or choir, a heart to worship God, teachable, people who are team players and have an attitude that strengthens the team as a whole.

Length of Audition: 15-20 minutes


If the audition goes well, we will ask you to sit in on a couple of practices), and then there will be an initial eight-week trial period, at the end of which we will meet again if necessary to evaluate how your participation on the team is working (on both sides). Following this, we ask that you commit to at least a six month period. You may also be asked to attend some rehearsals to see your overall fit in on the team to continue along in the process of getting you involved before your participation in a Sunday service.

Weekly practices sessions… Depending on what you sing what you play, practice sessions will vary according to which service you are playing in. Missing a practice will generally mean you cannot participate in the following service (at the main worship leader’s discretion).

Once accepted to the team you will be sent a login and password from   this is our web-based software that we use to coordinate schedules and communicate music to prepare. Our monthly schedule and songs are posted on this site and weekly schedules are sent via email, so Internet access is important. If you are unable to make it to a rehearsal or play on a Sunday, please let the worship leader know (preferably via email or text, due to short term memory issues) as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made. If you are part of another ministry at Eagles Nest or you have work obligations, it is your responsibility to provide any schedule conflicts to the main worship leader.

If a scheduling conflict arises once the weekly e-mail has been sent, you may be asked to take it upon yourself to find a replacement. (A list of contact information is available on the worship team page.) Please inform the main worship leader for that service of the change as soon as possible. (This does not apply to last-minute sickness or emergencies. In those instances, let the main worship leader know as soon as possible that you will not be able to make it.)

Once you receive your login and password, please logon to the site and complete all of your personal demographic information. (Please note your information will not be shared with anyone other than the pastor and worship team leadership).

  • Please watch the following tutorial (Volunteer Training)
  • Be sure to set up your mobile phone and enable text messages. This will allow us to communicate any last minute changes
  • Be sure to complete the correct phone number and email address
  • SMART PHONES – There is an IOS and Android App available for download
  • Please use the BLOCK DATES Feature to advice of any SUNDAY, THURSDAY or SATURDAY you are not available. We ask for this as much in advance as possible for ease of scheduling.
  • If you are unable to make it to a scheduled rehearsal or service, please send a Text Message or call the Worship Leader as soon as possible.
  • Please accept or decline a scheduled invitation as soon as possible, so adjustments can be made as needed

On Sundays… Each member of the team is expected to be at the service location at the designated time before each service. (This time will vary depending on service time.) This gives us time to do sound check, rehearse and/or run through a bit of each song, relax, and pray before each service. Again, if you have an instrument to set up, get there early enough to do that and be ready to go with the rest of us.

Team Player Attitude…A cooperative attitude is very important among the worship team members. Each member must endeavor to have that unity in the spirit. So prayer is vital. One heart, one voice, one mind to serve and honor God together. Speaking against the leadership will not be tolerated; neither will attitudes that have their own personal agenda. We are here to serve God through serving Pastor and this body and to be respectful to those over us.

  • Our goal is for the best overall sound, a good blend of instruments and vocals. This can be challenging at times but a patient, and good attitude helps greatly, as we are constantly adjusting and working towards the best overall sound.
  • A critical spirit or negative attitude will reflect in our corporate worship. Those attitudes will not be tolerated! Please keep your comments to yourself. If you have concerns, pray about it, and discuss it privately with the Worship Leader.
  • There will be times when the leader will be offering instruction concerning the way an instrument is played or the way a certain vocal part sounds. It is imperative you receive instruction willingly. A bad attitude towards instruction will negatively affect the whole group. You can’t wear your feelings on your sleeve.

Dress Code…Our main goal is to have a professional casual look. Our dress should always be modest, as we are representing most importantly Christ but also the church. We want to always be the best we can be. Our clothing must be clean, sharp and ironed, a more contemporary look such as jeans or dress pants or skirt and dress shirt or jacket…We will be given a color scheme. Needless to say…no shorts, short skirts or dresses, or low cut blouses etc. The way we look is of utmost importance. People do judge by appearance. We never get a second chance to make that first impression. We want the worship team to be uniformed and to look our best!

12 Stage Presence Guidelines by Pastor Lee Allen Jenkins

#1: In the long run, you can’t “out-sing” or “out-worship” your private-life. Your public worship should always be a by-product of your private life. Your anointing will ultimately reflect the quality of your relationship with Jesus and your fellow man.

#2: Smile as much as you can, especially when you first get on stage. It relaxes the audience, and will relax you too.

#3: Act Confident, Be Confident!

#4: Dress the part, but make sure your attire is not a distraction.

#5: Use facial expressions, gestures, and poses to go with the emotions of the song you are singing.

#6: Move Around!

#7: Make good eye contact with the audience and occasionally with the other singers on stage.

#8: Lead Worship. Get the audience involved. Take the audience to a place of worship that they wouldn’t normally go to on their own.

#9: It’s ok to enjoy the other singers on stage!

#10: Always be cognizant and respectful of what the Holy Spirit is doing on stage (with the worship team and band), but don’t be afraid to worship God individually.

#11: Never bring a “bad mood” to the stage. If you are sick, in pain, melancholy, or upset, the audience should never know it.

#12: Remember the 5 P’s: Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. You will perform (worship) the way you practice.


If you have a passion to worship God, the talent to sing and the heart to serve, Eagles Nest Worship Department is opening the door of opportunity to be a part of the worship team.  We will be holding auditions this month. Please review our guidelines and qualifications and click the button below to send us your contact information.  We would love to have you as part of our team!

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